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Fliers - 31 different fliers on major crops. For making more copies, print in black and white or grayscale.

Labels - Images of product labels and their containers. See these for application rates, etc.

Results - Includes fields results from the Irrigation Research Foundation from 1999 - current.  IRF

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Notice: Please read our precautions with Nutriplant products

We do not recommend mixing of Nutriplant AG and Nutriplant SL products with products containing phosphorus. When applying new combinations, we recommend spraying a small area first and waiting a few days to see if the mix is safe before spraying a large area.

Seed Treatment Equipment Sources

Enviropac at www.enviropacinc.com
       • Equipment to apply liquid or powder products, to mix/stir right in the planter box.

G&L seed treaters at www.gandlseedtreaters.com
       • Equipment to apply liquid or powder products to closed bulk planter loading systems